Inside Tips on How To Select Right SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway: – Over the last few decades the number of Smartphone’s has rapidly increased. Most of the people choose Smartphone’s/Mobiles that have wide range of features to use. Hence the enterprises/firms belonging to different kinds of business sectors preferred, to use of SMS messages for products or services promotion. In this competitive age the businesses/firm uses different kinds of marketing strategies. Bulk SMS messages are one of the effective marketing techniques for product/service promotion used by the enterprises. It is the technique related specifically to sending of large number of SMS messages to the mobile phones of the target customer. This could be done only with the help of right selection of an SMS gateway server. Bulk SMS gateway provides services as the portal that connects enterprises/firms with the mobiles of their target customers via different mobile carriers such as AT&T, Sprint and Verizon etc. It is an integral part of communication. So an SMS gateway provider plays an important role for communication between the business firms and their target customers.

sms gateway

SMS Gateway

Here are some inside tips for choosing a Right SMS gateway:-

1. Legal/Authentic: –The Bulk SMS gateway server that you select for your firm should be legal. It should be familiar with the various SMS marketing laws which are applicable in the belonging state or country. An entrepreneur should make all the verification about the SMS gateway server which they want to select, whether it is according to rule and regulation of government or not of that state, Because these laws will create some legal problems such as civil suits, monetary fines or other legal actions.

2. Good Network Quality: – An SMS gateway provider should have the good network coverage. Some SMS gateway provider doesn’t have the capability to provide services in remote areas due to their locations and environment. It can manipulate the messages. So an entrepreneur should have to consider these things before choosing an SMS gateway provider.

3. Use of SMPP Protocol: – SMPP (Short message Peer to Peer) is a “major standard” protocol for sending messages. It is technologically advanced. SMPP is easy to track and it has the real cost to sending messages. So before choosing an SMS gateway provider for their enterprise an entrepreneur should have to confirm whether the SMS gateway provider use the SMPP or not.

4. Business Oriented Company: – There are many SMS gateway provider companies in the world, but some are better suited for boosting your income than others. If the provider/service that you select for your business was built with business boosting in mind, chances are increased to gain access to the sort of functionality designed and it helps to obtain the goal which is beneficial for business.

5. Cost/Price: – In a business nobody wants to pay more than a reasonable price of a service. But price is ultimately concerned with value, means what an entrepreneur is getting for his money. So at the time of choosing an SMS gateway Provider entrepreneur should have kept in mind that whether there is a good return on investment (ROI) or not on SMS gateway provider/Service.

Stay Away From These Mistakes When Trying To Send Bulk SMS Messages

Bulk SMS Messages is the transmission of large number of messages to the mobile phones of the clients. In this age businesses in financial industry have to face so many obstacles to survive like competition in the market, new technology, globalization etc. To meet these hurdles Bulk SMS Messaging is an innovative technology/strategy for the financial industries. With the help of this marketing technology an enterprise can promote their product or services efficiently and they can maximize their profit or wealth and can control the fraudulent activities. Organizations/enterprises have to use Bulk SMS Messages technique properly, so they can get the whole advantages of this technique/strategy. An organization should kept in mind some mistakes while they sending the messages.

Bulk SMS Service india

Bulk SMS Service india

Here are some common mistakes made by the Sender when he sends the Bulk SMS Messages:-

1. Unorganized Message: – When an organization sends the Bulk SMS messages they should kept in mind that the message is in organized manner. The message should be organized according to the information. The objective/idea of the message should be simple and effective.

2. Lack of clarity: – Clarity means understanding the message effortlessly. Sometime the sender of the messages doesn’t represent the clear idea in the Bulk SMS messages due to use of language and some other effects. By choosing concrete, precise and familiar language the sender can make the Bulk SMS messages effective. Sender has to use familiar language which is appropriate according to the situation or place. It can depend upon the national and international place of the receiver.

3. Lack of consideration: – Consideration means transmitting the message with the receiver in mind. When an organization or sender sends the message he should have kept in mind that what is the impact of Bulk SMS message on the receiver. Sender has to use some positive words like profit, pleasure, help etc. words to support consideration. In reality consideration is the result of integrity and honesty. So by using this technique sender can make a good and effective impact on the receiver and can promote their product or services efficiently.

4. Accurate Timing: – The Bulk SMS messages should be sending to the clients at proper time by the sender. The messages should not be sending at strange hours like midnight or early in the morning because these messages don’t receive the desired attention from the clients. So the sender has to avoid these mistakes to improve your business.

5. Concise & Correctness: – Correctness means using specific, definite and vivid information. In the absence of these features message can become vague and general. The sender of an organization has to use specific data, or facts to become the messages specific. He has to use direct, explicit words rather than phrases to make the message impressive. The text of the message should be concise and effective.

6. Bad Call to Action: – This is the common mistake which is made by the most of the businesses. CTA (call to action) a most effective part which facilitate in the action and customers can know why they received the messages in the first place. The main purpose to sending an SMS is to ask the customer to do or buy something. If that is missing, Bulk SMS will not be very effective. So there should be a proper CTA (Call to action).

7. Completeness & Courtesy: – Completeness and courtesy are the most important factors of an SMS. Mistakes regarding these factors became the message useless. A business message is consider complete when it contains all the facts the receiver needs for the feedback. A message should have the inclusion of all the necessary information and also the inclusion of answers to all questions. Sender has to use some courteous words like please, thanks etc. Sender has to check the Bulk SMS message one or two times after its completion or before it’s sending to avoid these kinds of mistakes.

Bulk SMS Benefits for Business in Finance Industry

In this modern age business in financial industry have been for the past couple of years finding it hard to survive due to some circumstances like, competition, modernization and globalization etc. To meet these circumstances financial Industries has to use some innovative marketing techniques/strategies. One of the effective strategies has been the use of Bulk SMS for customers in an enterprise.

Bulk SMS messaging service refers specifically to the sending of large number of SMS messages to the mobile phones of a predetermine group of recipients. Bulk SMS messaging provide help in marketing and control the fraudulent activities of enterprises.

There are some advantages of Bulk SMS messaging services for financial industries.


1. Effective Cost

Bulk SMS for consumer in finance is a great marketing strategy for businesses in financial sector. Bulk SMS messaging give a suitable and effective solution for communications with small or large contact group. Its affordability and reach to targeted leads and clients makes it quite effective.

2. Increase Sale

Financial industries can promote their products/ services through Bulk SMS service. This service influences the people when they got the message about companies’ new product/ service. It helps to increase the sale of an industry.

3. Enhance Customer Services

With the help of Bulk SMS Financial institutions can remind their customers of their policies or new plans. They can keep their clients updated on damage compensations, new offers etc. through text alerts. Bulk SMS messaging service can promote the product or services efficiently according to the need of an industry.

4. Decision making

Financial industries have to make some important decisions like, financial decisions, investment decision etc. With the help of Bulk SMS messaging service an industry can get the feedback of customers towards their existing/new plans or policies. On the basis of customer feedback an industry can take their important decisions such as profit maximization and wealth maximization etc.

5. Building the Credibility

Financial industries like, insurance sector banking sector etc. can raise their goodwill with the help of Bulk SMS messaging, because it takes less time and provide more satisfaction to the customers. It is cost efficient and most efficient mode of communication towards customers. These advantages help to build the credibility of an industry.

6. Remove the Barriers

Bulk SMS messaging provide help to remove the barriers in communication. There are different kinds of barriers in communication like, organizational barriers, personal barriers, physical barriers, perceptional barriers etc. These barriers create obstacle in marketing activities. With the using of bulk SMS messaging technique these barriers can be controlled.

7. Controlling

Bulk SMS messaging is the technique which control the fraudulent activities with respect to their customers. Being a way of communication process it also helps for both financial institution/firms and customers to stay connected regularly. Just at a click of button, one can obtain a real time notification about their financial transactions. So the mischievous transactions can be controlled by using this technique.
Bulk SMS messaging is an innovative marketing technique by which large numbers of messages can be send to the customers by the financial institutions/firms for their product/services promotion. With the help of this service financial industries increased the customer satisfaction and can maximize the profit or wealth in the future.

How to boost Website Traffic with Bulk SMS Marketing

Everyone in the digital marketing world knows how essential of a part SMS Marketing plays in a promotional campaign for all business on the web, unless you are a fully beginner to it. SMS Marketing Services can be alongside other web marketing tools, for example, online networking, link building, SEO and such other web marketing techniques.

Bulk SMS Marketing is a best technique to succeed their business, whether small business or a big business. Although Bulk SMS advertising has not developed much in our nation but rather, it is extending at a quick rate. There are many Bulk SMS Service suppliers in India who can help you in growing your business through useful techniques. Sending Bulk SMS to enormous people with single click is a cost-efficient way. There are great advantages of using Bulk SMS advertising like, the SMS will immediately reach the receiver and promote your business. Bulk SMS not simply send your SMS to enormous people but as well attracts people towards your services. It is considered more successful as compared to other digital marketing service. You can create more productivity from your business if you are using bulk SMS service in a smart way. Let’s see how you can make lead with bulk SMS marketing campaign:

• Send your best services to target group and categorize their need with age and gender.

• Bulk SMS is extremely reasonable priced than some other media available in the communication service. It is advised to find a reliable and friendly SMS business partner that provides efficient and effective SMS services.

• One more vital aspect in doing Bulk SMS Marketing is that there should in no way be any spamming involved in your SMS Marketing campaigns as such a practice would stop clients from your business.

• SMS is a short message service, the text that you are conveying should also be small and concise and to the point, in a successful and proficient way.

• Request them for a review from your important clients. Try to enhance those services that are not good for your business.

• Send bulk SMS to your clients about your next deal offer so they can appreciate it. It will increase client’s interest.

• At the point When this tactic starts going fine, you will see astounding positive outcomes. Bulk SMS advertising through coupons lies in the crafted planning that is developed on the idea of best services of payment, transport and redemption.

• You can strengthen your connection with your clients by sending those messages on celebrations and occasions to update them about your special offers. This will make them feel unique and important. In turn, they may elevate your business to their friends and relatives.

Therefore, in order to get increased website traffic to your companies, the above ways are very helpful in creating lead with Bulk SMS marketing strategy. It can build a trusted relationship with your prospective clients. A well planned approach of SMS Marketing brings you more clients, as well as helps in building positive relationships with your current customers. A Bulk SMS service provider in India can help you in sending bulk SMS and promoting your business easily. There are numerous online websites or you can say third party sites that can help you in leading your business with bulk SMS marketing.

What is bulk voice call and its key features?

Bulk voice calls refers to pre-recorded voice message that can be listened from a mobile or a landline number. With a very easy process you can make a voice message which can helps to call unlimited number in just one go. It also helps to keep a track and earn a huge profit. It is a simple and fastest and cost effective method. Voice broadcasting facility helps your enterprise to enter in their desired market. It helps in reaching the target audience directly by the communication device. With the bulk voice SMS or voice call service.

Image result for bulk voice call

Extremely user-friendly routes are designed for providing the bulk voice calls services at highly affordable price. It helps your enterprise to reach to the zenith. With this service you can share any new details with the desired market, clients or with any other group. In many industries, bulk voice calls helps to decrease the labor cost and dependency on men and it also is directly proportional to completion percentage in respect to the manual calls.
Bulk Voice Call Service provider provides maximum call delivery in minimum time period. It helps to provide the services such as sending any important alerts, announcement, also reminder or any notifications, social media campaigning messages. It also helps in promoting your business or any marketing campaigns, the latest offers and updating the products and services.

Bulk Voice Calls Features Are:-

• Pre-recorded message are sent to mobile and landlines all over India..
• Voice broadcasts for election campaigns or for awareness of new government schemes, or any railway services e.g. booking confirmation or on enquiry about current running trains.
• Very affordable SMS or Voice Calls service.
• A special system is designed to call thousands of numbers in one go. System will dial all the numbers that are uploaded and the message is played. This will help to handle many queries in couple of minutes.
• Your own contact Number can be used As a Caller ID for sending the Bulk Voice SMS or CALLS.
• API Codes for Website or Software Integration also available
• Call Scheduling Facility also available
• You can Send Voice Message in local language
• Upload Mp3 recording or Wav File

Connectivity options

MOBILE APPLICATION:-Compatible Mobile Application that is Android IOS or Windows helps to deliver BULK VOICE CALLS directly from using the Smart Phones

WEB:- it is a very easy method to use the web application which enables the web to deliver Voice Calls from anywhere at any time by just logging in the web interference.

HTTP API:- HTTP API is the most easy and widely used technique that helps to integrate bulk voice SMS calling with the foreign party applications which is fully compatible with all the other programming languages. It is very Easy to Integrate the Comprehensive Documentation and also generate DLR Reports API.

SIP:- it is most used telecommunication protocol for controlling and signing communication sessions for the voice calls. It is the best for the one who has Large Voice Call volume

CUSTOM:- customized voice calls are for the ones for whom any of the above connectivity options not suitable it is operated based on your requirements.

What is bulk SMS Reselling? What are the advantages of reselling? is giving you the opportunity to resell the SMS make the costumer and earn profit. This will help to resell the SMS credit to their customers. The reseller have many clients and it is up to them hoe they wanted to sell the SMS at what price. They can sell it on monthly basis getting the SMS from us at with no time lapse that means their SMS credibility will not expire. Hence it helps to sell bulk SMS and earn the profit.

Message units from can be purchased at wholesale price and then SMS can be resell to your customers in small chunk at whatever price. With the increase in customers the profit ratio increases because of the increase in the consumption of more messages and the more messages you buy the lesser will be your SMS cost. The profit of per SMS turns out to be higher, the more money you make.

Reseller can earn large chunk of money with no setup cost. The three type of reselling SMS are as follows

A) AFFILIATE: – The affiliate person will send the SMS with same user ID. It is mostly being used by the companies with same User ID.

B) DUAL BRAND: – The reseller can resell the SMS with different User ID but same URL.

1. Dual branded Messenger for customers for log in, receive and send texts
2. Creation of page to keep updated that if your customers are tagged to you
3. Create customer accounts on your own.
4. Earn commissions for every sale made
5. Panel can be made on paid monthly
6. Sales & Marketing help
7. Reporting reports
8. Risk free trial to assess its suitability or performance for your customer

C) WHITE LABEL: – The reseller will have different URL and different User ID.

1. You will have Account of White Label ‘Messenger’. The SMS World will help you to send the SMS with your company user ID and URL.
2. Creation tool will help you to provide user ID of your costumer, master your Account & live Report Package
Sell the credits SMS to your customers at desired price. Get a domain name with a secure password.

The advantage of reselling to the resellers is:-

It helps the reseller to keep a very good link with their customers.
It is easy to use gateway which is widely being used for transmitting information to the desired costumers.
It helps to enhance their business with minimal cost because it don’t require any setup cost or experienced staff to manage.

Bulk SMS reselling is highly profitable. Bulk SMS in a bulk is very cost effective and then reselling the small SMS pack. Taking example a reseller purchased 5lakh of SMS at $.6 but he is selling 20 thousand SMS at $1.20 so profit margin for each SMS turns out to be $6
5lakh SMS=$ 30,000
20,000*$1.20*25 = $ 60,000
Profit=$60,000- $30,000=$30,000

Difference between Transactional and Promotional SMS

Online Bulk SMS Services–

It is an effective tool of advertisement for business marketing. Various companies such as educational consultants, MNC’s and various companies are using Bulk SMS Service for the advertisement purpose to reach their set goal. It has two major routes from which message would reach target audients.

The two routes available help to fulfill different objectives and targets. On one hand one is chose to pass necessary information and the on other other hand second is chose to promote your product or service.

Those two routes are as follows:
1. Transactional
2. Promotional

These two message gateways will help you to pass your messages in a reliable and cost-effective manner. It helps to target different segments of society. Both routes have different features. Thus choose the gateway as per your own requirements. The difference between Transactional and Promotional SMS are as follows:-

Transactional SMS:

This gateway will allow you to pass necessary information to existing costumers for using your product or service. This will not take any promotional content, this only use to send important information, reminder or alert.
Transactional SMS is very helpful for delivering information to existing clients or a set of audience.

Benefits of Transactional SMS are as follows:-

1. Ability to send messages to DND numbers
2. Delivering urgent information to people is possible with transactional Bulk SMS
3. Promotional SMS has time constraints whereas transactional SMS are sent anytime, without any time constraint.
4. API gateway helps to integrate with your software IP address and helps to send personalized SMS.
5. Frequent Delivery report option is available.
6. It assures you with swift delivery report.

Railways use this route to give Alert for sending PNR status, banks and other financial institutions to give a notification about the due balance to send OTP and Institutes use them to send them information to the students or parents
Integration of current system software with IP Address helps to keep a record of attendance system which is only possible with the transactional SMS API.

Promotional SMS:

This route is used to send SMS with an objective to promote your products or services. This is an effective marketing tool which is considered as one of the quickest, trustworthy and cost-effective marketing tool with the advertising purpose.

Promotional SMS Features

It has very important features such as.
• Sender ID will be generated with the Dynamic Numeric Sender ID.
• High Priority SMS Gateway and Normal SMS Gateway.
• Multiple SMS Gateway which will assigned to all clients automatically.

Digital media and its use in marketing

Digital Media is a blend of technology & content and building digital media products which requires teams of professionals with diverse skills, including technical skills, artistic skills, analytical and production coordination skills. All of these skills need to be balanced by a team, with all team members focusing on creating the best user experience. Digital media is recently being contrasted with print media, such as printed books, newspaper magazines, and other traditional or analog media.

Digital media combined with the internet and professional computing, it has created disruption in publishing, journalism, entertainment education, commerce and politics. It has also posed a new threat to copy right, intellectual property law which created legal rights fostering an open content movement.

Digital Marketing and Its types

Since last 2 decades digital marketing is considered to be the biggest revolution in the field of marketing. Digital Marketing is an umbrella team for marketing of products or services being used. Digital technologies mainly on internet it also include mobile phone display advertisement such ad bulk SMS gateway. Digital marketing has turned out to be the biggest turning point in the field of marketing. Digital Marketing is the process of building and maintaining customer’s relations through online activities to facilitate the exchange of ideas, services, products that satisfy the goals of parties. Digital Marketing in 21st century has widened its domain to every field of business. Since last two decade Digital marketing has increased its demand by 60%.

Digital Marketers monitors things like what is being viewed how often and how long, sales conversion what context works and what doesn’t work etc. Digital Marketers advertise through digital channels such as search engine, website, social media, email and mobile apps. It covers wide range of marketing activities.

Digital marketing is about generating sales and capturing leads from costumers that are searching on the internet for answers.


The various type of digital marketing

1. Email Marketing – It is marketing commercial messages to a group of people to people using email.

2. Search engine Optimization – SEO is process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in search engine natural or unpaid search engine.

3. Social Media marketing – Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites.

4. Digital display advertisement – Digital display advertisement is advertising on websites. It includes different formats and contacts terms such as text, images, flash, video and audio.

5. Mobile Marketing – Mobile marketing involves utilization of mobile phone technology to reach the reach target audience.

  • SMS Marketing
  • MMS Marketing
  • Bluetooth Marketing
  • Mobile internet Marketing

6. Web analytics – It is process of analyzing the behavior of visitors to websites.

7. Pay per click– It is a bit expensive but easy and fast way to grow on Google ranking. It is paid service bidding.

The digital team media helps you to manage adds
a) Bidding
b) Data management

Article Written By – Ankita Khurana

What are API Bulk SMS and OTP SMS?

Bulk SMS gateway supplies you with the facility of application programming software and one time password messages. It has predefined route of software components. It allows different types of software to interact with each other. It acts as a building block for software applications. Application programs use the services of the computer’s operating system and other supporting programs.

The API supports Unicode UTF-8 encoded texts, so you can send messages in any language. The API also handles long SMS automatically by splitting it into standard SMS sized chunks and sending them. Delivery reports are automatically supported in networks where they are provided by the operator.

  • The phone number that will be shown as the sender ID.
  • The text message that will be sent. The API will encode the text in Unicode UTF-8 and accepts up to 1600 bytes of UTF-8 encoded text in a single API request.
  • The text message that will be sent. The API will encode the text in Unicode UTF-8 and accepts up to 1600 bytes of UTF-8 encoded text in a single API request.The text will be automatically split into multiple messages and sent separately if the message exceeds the size limit. See notes below for more details.

A standard SMS contains at most 160 characters. However, most mobile handsets support displaying longer messages. Plivo’s API supports sending long SMS to supported carriers and handsets. Messages longer than 160 characters are split into 153 character chunks and concatenated by the mobile operator into one long message.

A single SMS can contain only up to 70 Unicode characters. A message longer than 70 Unicode characters is automatically split into 67 character chunks as a long SMS.

Delivery Report

Delivery reports are automatically supported in destination locations/networks where they are provided by the operator. When delivery reports are received, the “Status” value of a message is updated from “sent” to one of “delivered”, “undelivered”, or “rejected”. This status change is also sent to the URL.


Each split part in a long SMS is considered a separate SMS, and is billed at the same rate as a normal SMS to the same destination.

Transition of the print advertisement media to Bulk SMS?

Print media, broadcast media and other types of expensive advertisement has been overpowered by digital media especially the Bulk SMS. Bulk SMS service in India has made marketing more direct, efficient and more personnel in comparison to other marketing media. In today’s era bulk SMS has turned out to be the greatest transition in the field of advertisement, making it a very easy task now. It has provided access to the target market with just an SMS. It has turned out to be the easiest and cheapest source for the entrepreneurs to take their enterprise to the zenith.

Bulk Messaging is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. It is used by media companies, enterprises, banks (for marketing and fraud control) and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing.

 The benefits of using SMS

  • SMS is Personal. It goes straight to the recipient’s mobile phone. The message is literally delivered directly into their hand.
  • Real-time two-way SMS Receive replies to your bulk SMS messages.
  • An SMS message can reach a customer wherever they are.
  • You can get your message out efficiently to the required group.
  • You can send individual messages or group messages.
  • If the cell phone is off or out of signal range, the message will arrive at the recipients phone if it is switched on or receives signal within 48 hours of sending.
  • SMS can be stored for use at a later stage.
  • SMS can be forwarded.
  • SMS can be easily tracked using the delivery reports. You are able to see which messages were delivered to which mobile numbers.
  • SMS messages can be scheduled to go out at a certain date and time.
  • Your message gets across in 160 characters or less. Short and sweet.
  • You can send bulk SMS messages from your computer.
  • Reliable delivery to over 800 networks in more than 200 countries.

Benefits of SMS vs. Phoning:

  • Cheaper than a phone call
  • Takes less time to send a message than it does to make a phone call.

Benefits of SMS vs Emailing/Online:

  • Email/computer is not always readily available.
  • A client/customer will almost always have their cellphone on them. The chances the recipient receiving and reading the message is very high.
  • People are more likely to receive and read an SMS than an email.
  • More people have access to a cellphone than they do the internet.
  • Cellphones do not have a spam box. Many emails are “lost” because of the junk mail filter.

Bulk SMS is considered to be most easily informational message in just one click. It is commonly used for alerts, reminders, marketing communication and information between both staff and customers.

Bulk SMS can broadly be bifurcated in transactional and promotional SMS. Transactional, on one hand are considered to be informative massages, which is mainly being used to deliver any information to the existing customers; and on other hand promotional SMS are used for promotion either to the existing customers or other targeted bulk. Both the messages serviced have proved to be beneficial from the business point of view. Transactional SMS helps to maintain a link with the existing customers and nurture Client Company’s relationship and promotional SMS helps to promote and elevate the business.

Bulk SMS can turn out be the most reliable source of marketing with the most trusted vendor that is the The SMS World. It has the guaranteed message delivery at very affordable prices. For “” customers satisfaction is most desirable. It assures you with an instant delivery to all numbers, with unlimited validity on unlimited sender ids, with live report; and which also have the download features. The strength is that they can import file from Excel, Text, CSV; Open Template; API sms; Unicode support; schedule SMS campaigns; have template storage option and also have a mobile friendly panel.

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