IVR – Interactive WhatsApp Response

What is IWR ?

IWR or Interactive WhatsApp Response is a technology, where a software system allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of WhatsApp.

IWR, an automated system, which will help your customer and clients to get the information and details about your company, products or services through WhatsApp, by just typing the keywords on WhatsApp Messenger.

Fully Automated

Ability to be online, fetch and respond messages without any user interaction.

Own IWR Number

Ability to register your own corporate mobile number in IWR.

5000 characters

Ability to manage the text messages up to 5000 characters.

Unlimited Keywords

Ability to manage unlimited keywords with its content type responses.

Corporate Logo

Ability to update your own Corporate Logo and WhatsApp Status.

Clients Data

Ability to view and export mobile numbers with names, for all customer contacts who has been connected to the IWR.

Admin Alert

Ability to make an Alert to admin on every new contact on IWR.

Multi Contents

Ability to respond to a request through whatsapp message in Text, Image, Audio, Video, vCard, and Geo Location.

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